HRS Management:
“New challenges require new models and approaches.”
Howard Swimmer, Founder & CEO

“How do I build my audience and how do I monetize it?”

That’s the challenge facing artists and gear companies alike - and HRS Management, the artist and event management unit within HRS Unlimited, uniquely overcomes that challenge.

Amidst an unprecedented array of entertainment options and competitive “noise,” every HRS Management performance, event or program embodies five critical elements:

Focus: The audience experiences we create are highly targeted and succinctly expressed in supporting promotion.

Originality: Every experience we create offers something new and different that sparks and maintains audience interest.

Integration: Artist, gear, brand and venue must always work synergistically, so awareness of and loyalty to each is enhanced by the overall experience.

Relationships: Our experiences are born of the highest level access and relationships, forged over many years in performance, event and program management.

Resources: In promoting our experiences we utilize best-of-class event marketing, PR and social resources, so that awareness is maximized before and after events.


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